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Internet Infidelity

Our society has become more and more permissive and as people no longer espouse family values (in fact they denigrate them), there is something wrong.  With no sense of values, there's a rise in behavior that would have raised eyebrows not so long ago.  These days, amorality is the ultimate vindication for that behavior, and you'll find this all over the country.

There's a new term to describe "virtual affairs" - those that are conducted online.  It's called "e-ffairs".  Well folks, it's still wrong!  How do you know something is an affair?  Well, would you text it, post it or send it with your spouse looking over your shoulder?  If you would, then it's not an infidelity.  If you wouldn't, you're cheating.  And why is all this stuff on the internet so exciting?  Well, for some people it's exciting because it has what they consider no responsibility.  It's a relationship with no responsibility.  But that's not how the non-cheating spouse sees it.

People use the internet because it's accessible, it's affordable and it's anonymous (or so they think).  The cool thing about fantasy relationships is they don't require any work.  We are entering the age where there's no chivalry, shame, or discretion.  We've brought up our two youngest generations with an amoral lens, where everything is justified by something else and you're told you "shouldn't judge."  I have been talking a lot about how kids don't really have a sense of time and permanency in the world of the internet.  They are sexting right and left, and don't "get" how that can be used against them once it hits the social networks.  So I am more concerned about the generations that can't figure out what the big deal is about this. CHIVALRY, SHAME, DISCRETION, VOWS, and RESPONSIBILITY -- that's what the big deal is!

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