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Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Why do I think so many marriages fail these days?

Well for one, with all of the divorce and chaos surrounding today’s family life, many people go into marriages feeling extremely insecure. They have a hard time trusting because of the turmoil from their childhoods.

Second, I think fewer people are willing to be honorable and feel more entitled to please themselves.

Third, spouses don’t take good enough care of each other. When they get married, they stop being each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend.

So, what can you do to keep your marriage healthy and thriving?

Assess your relationship. Really sit down and take an appraisal:

When was the last time you two had fun together?

How would you rate your sex life?

Do you take romantic trips together?

Do you listen to one another?

Do you fight fairly?

Are you both happy with your marriage?

Do you respect and like each other?

Do you do sweet things for each other?

Has your spouse shared feelings of discontent and unhappiness in the marriage? Have you ignored that or gotten defensive about it?

Then take action and make the necessary changes. Maintenance on your marriage needs to be daily. If you have concerns, bring them up to your spouse without accusations. Don’t become pathetic, whiny, or enraged - simply have a discussion.

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