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Journal of My Trip to Portland Oregon
IconYou could tell who the "visitors" were in Portland this past weekend.  We were the only ones using umbrellas...Portlanders simply go on with their lives as if water were not draining from the sky.     It was a great trip.  I arrived Thursday and stayed at The Benson Hotel on Southwest Broadway.  Friday morning we drove to KATU-TV where I had a fun interview about "In My Never To Be Humble Opinion," my one woman show that we did on Friday and Saturday night at the lovely Newmark Theater at the Portland Center for the Performing Arts.       After the television interview, I arrived at KEX AM 1190 for an unbelievably moving Native American ceremony performed by Marshall Tall Eagle and his wife and granddaughter.  They presented me with a "Mother's Medal of Honor," in recognition of my being "the proud mother of a deployed American paratrooper."  Marshall Tall Eagle's special status among the tribes gave him the power to assign an "Indian" name to a "civilian."  He told me he'd prayed about it and was told what name to use for me:  "Walks with Warriors."  No question that I loved getting that name!      After doing my radio program from the KEX studios, I went to afternoon team Mark & Dave's studio to be interviewed about whatever came into their very hilarious minds.  They and their crew surprised me with a birthday apple pie lit up with candles...very, very appreciated.     I'd asked Mark & Dave to open my one woman show and what a terrific move that turned out to be -- they were unbelievable witty and charming andjump-started audience enthusiasm.     I've been all over the country with my show, and the Newmark had the best audio of all by far - no matter where you sat from the front row to the last seat in the second balcony, you could hear every word.  The audience was fun and responsive...which brought the best out of me.     Saturday morning I got up way too early because the kind people at "Nolita's" (Pearl District) opened their shop up early so that I might take advantage of their cool styles and the luxury of a sale complete with no sales tax.  Don't ask how much I spent...their things were adorable.  Next stop was "Jane's Vanity" for a selection of fabulous lingerie.  I particularly like camisoles to wear under blazers.     We had a great lunch at Jake's Famous Crawfish.  The sourdough bread and the crab cakes were amazing.     We all walked back to our hotels after lunch to nap - traveling and performing...eating and shopping... take a lot out of you!      Saturday night's crowd was as enthusiastic and energized as the night before - with both nights totally sold out.     One couple had changed their marriage plans a bit in order to make sure they made it to the Saturday show.  They moved the ceremony and reception earlier in the day and then drove to Portland to see the show...still wearing their wedding clothes!  I acknowledged them from the stage and gave them a wedding present I'd purchased the week before in response to their email informing me of their "new" plans.  Just adorable.     I loved Portland, the folks at KEX, and Portlanders in general.  They were all gracious, fun, positive and quite sensitive to the more serious issues I addressed  as well as open to having a good time. Thank you all for your hospitality.     Sunday morning I got up at 5 AM to be home by 11 AM so that I could go out with my sailboat racing crew to practice.  My husband then made the best hamburger and potato salad on any coast and I just put my feet up, petted Bebe while watching some touching true story about a college that lost its whole football team in a tragic plane crash.  I'm a sucker for sentimental stories - even more so when they're about real life.     We're looking at a number of new cities to go to with the one woman show.  I'm hoping to see many more of you soon!
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