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Marriage, Money and Mayhem
IconIt turns out that there is such a thing as "financial infidelity." According to the CESI Debt Solutions company, 80% of spouses lie about spending.20% of spouses have a secret credit card and don't tell their spouses either to avoid an argument, or because they're desperately trying to pay it off before they are found out. 34.5% have spent on clothing and accessories (sounds like the wife) 24% have spend on food and dining (the husband with his buddies or a honey?) 19.5% have spent on beauty and personal care items (the wife again) 16.5% have spent on gifts (could be both - the wife for family members; the husband for a honey). 13.5% have spent on alcohol (could be both husband and wife again). The least prevalent answers were spending money on dating website subscriptions and illegal drugs. All in all, this deplorable situation has to do with people getting married without being terribly mature, and without taking their vows of becoming ONE seriously.  Squirreling money aside because it is not frittered away on grocery shopping or unnecessary clothing shopping so that it can be spent on some fun stuff is called budgeting and not betrayal. I was very disappointed to learn that so many people treat their spouses like a strict parent instead of a life love and partner. Today, own up about the spending.  Apologize, take your lumps (you earned them), stop cheating and lying about money (it's also stealing) and whatever bad behaviors go along with it, and work together with your spouse on the economics of life.   Feel like a team.  Behave as though you love and trust him/her.  Be a woman/man of character.
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