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Michael Phelps Loses Kellogg's Endorsement
IconKellogg's, the cereal and snack manufacturer, cancelled its lucrative sponsorship contract with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps because he was caught on camera smoking marijuana last fall.  Apparently, all the other companies with similar contracts did not cancel their contracts with him.  However, USA Swimming, the sport's governing body, has suspended him from competition for three months.My point of view is "hurrah" to Kellogg's and USA Swimming team.  They are demonstrating to the children and young adults of America that the perks of fame are earned in an ongoing manner with not only the accomplishment (Gold Medals from the Olympics) but a continuous responsibility to represent the team, the sport, and personal character with honor.  Having consequences for bad judgment and stupid (as well as illegal) behaviors teaches children and young adults to think twice before sacrificing so much for so little.
Tags: Addiction, Character, Courage, Conscience, Character-Courage-Conscience, Marijuana, Personal Responsibility, Response To A Call, Social Issues, Values
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