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Muscles and Longevity
IconI work very hard on fitness.  I'm 61 and can do about one and a half one-handed pushups.  I'm quite proud of that, and thank my trainer, Jason Baker, and my yoga instructor, Pamela Griffin, for years of helping me get in great condition.A study from the Unit for Preventive Nutrition at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition at Novum Karolinska Institute in Sweden, presented at the American College of Sports Medicine's 55th annual meeting, found that men with increased muscular strength are likely to live longer.The men with decreased muscular strength had a 60% higher risk of cardiovascular disease.  This study further challenged the concept that walking and regular physical activity are the best for preventing heart disease and increasing longevity. Instead, they suggest that men start by incorporating weight or resistance training into a daily routine.  The benefits of "muscles" extends beyond the risk of dying from all causes, as muscular strength prevents disability from injury, thereby keeping you more independent for a longer period in your life.I'm just going to assume that the same is true for women, and I'll keep pumping that iron!
Tags: Health, humor
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