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Russell Crowe is Not A Role Model for Healthy Living
IconAn Australian newspaper columnist mocked actor Russell Crowe for smoking and chowing down on three tacos and a soft drink during a recent bike ride.  Specifically, her piece was entitled: “Smokes and Fatty Foods – The Fitness Regime for Rusty.” No, he didn’t throw a bike at her (like he threw a phone at a hotel employee several years ago).  Instead, he challenged her to a bike ride.  She went on the 12 mile ride through the city, struggling to keep up, and then she fell off her bike.  She persevered and finished the ride, and had compliments for “Rusty.”  Instead of gloating (she revealed), the actor was gracious and concerned about her: “...the perfect gentleman as he rolled up my trousers to check on my knee.” Well, the actor has trimmed down of late, and bike riding is probably a part of his new health regimen, but, c’mon, biking with your trainer and scarfing down tacos, sugary sodas and dragging on a cigarette earned him that headline.  That he could outride a non-rider doesn’t change the truth:  what he did was very unhealthy.  And considering that two thirds of Americans (Crowe is Australian) are fat or obese because they move less and eat more, it would have been better if he had owned up to the error of his gastronomical ways.
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