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Letters From Listeners

Singing My Own Tune

Dr. Laura,

I have been listening to you since before the start of this century. Although I can't recall the particulars this phone call to your program, one point of it struck me and gave me something to think about. Some time back, a female caller seemed lost in finding her identity and confused as to where she belonged in life. This resulted in her stating that she wanted "your life." You responded with a bit of ire, telling her she "couldn't have it". I laughed.

It made me reflect on two things:

  1. A bluegrass song I used to sing, The song is called "Chasing Someone Else's Dreams".

  2. My own identity. 

I, along with so many others, admire you for your sound and sensible messages. This is evident throughout all your media outlets. I would imagine that the caller is not alone in wanting your life. What I have learned from your response, validated by the words of this simple tune, is that people need to first realize and then capitalize on their own gifts and strengths. They need turn can'ts into cans and convert their dreams into reality.

I appreciate your candor. Sometimes we "get it" with a mere gentle tap on the shoulder or perhaps an elbow to the rib; other times, it takes the brunt of a brick. I think I felt the throb of the latter. I need to get determined to sing to "my own tune." Thanks for your years of wise advice. You never know when it can be life changing.


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Tags: Attitude, Behavior, Regarding Dr. Laura, Response to a Call, Values, Woman Power
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