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Standing Up and Speaking Out
This is about standing up and speaking out. Not enough of you do it, and you don't do it often enough. There's a good reason you don't - because you get crap for it and most people want to avoid getting crap in their lives. When you tickle something somebody is sensitive about (and they feel guilt about), they'll attack to protect their ego. So, standing up takes guts and a commitment to your beliefs. But without being willing to do such, how can you possibly EVER have any pride in yourself?

What sparked these thoughts is Catherine's email:

Dr. Laura,

A few days ago, my car decided not to start. Luckily, my husband hadn't left yet, so he drove me to work before going to his job. Then, since he had an appointment after work, he picked me up from my office and took me with him. I didn't mind going, considering he did me a great favor of driving me to and from my job.

While sitting in the waiting room at his appointment, another couple came in. The secretary and the woman started to talk very flippantly about divorce. They commented on how they had already discussed with their husbands - before getting married - what they would receive, (as they would say), in their "inevitable divorce". I was shocked and horrified they would say such things betweent themselves let alone in front of their husbands. I spoke up by saying "It is very sad you feel that way toward the person you promised to love, honor and cherish. Your husbands obviously chose very poorly in a wife and I hope your children have better examples of what love should be other than yourselves."

I got up and walked away from astonished faces. And when my husband met me outside, all I could do was hug him and let him know that thank goodness we were nothing like the people in that office.

Wow! Let that be an inspiration. Don't be wussy - it doesn't make you have pride in yourself. And I certainly never want you to call me and say, "This is what I heard... and what I wanted to say was...." It won't be a pretty moment.
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