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"The Bachelor" Is NOT A Guide for Real Relationships
IconWhen the so-called "mainstream media" carries a story, one used to surmise that the information was actually important in some significant way to Americans.  We all know that's largely untrue:  stories today are attempts to splash the water in your face to get attention for ratings and commercial time or space revenue.ABC News actually had someone from their "ABC News Medical Unit" on to discuss the heartbreak of losing on the program The Bachelor .  It seems that this guy first announced that he was "hot" for one babe, but them changed his mind, season ending "cliff-hanger" style) and went for another babe.  He proposed, then changed his mind, and went back to the first of the two dumped babes. That set off fireworks with some silly blog site that targets I-don't-know-what-kind-of-women who actually care about this pseudo-intimacy.One of the dumb issues involved in this nonsense is that the babes have signed contracts that say they aren't allowed to cry or whine about hurt feelings until the appropriate time in the unfolding saga.  They actually got "shrinks" to opine about the emotional and psychological damage that can be done to these silly babes (who I define as pretty women who exploit their looks and desire their 15 minutes of fame by going on these not-really-reality shows to find the love of their lives and the father of their future 84 children) if they don't get to "vent" their hurt!Oh, puleeze.  First of all, this guy shows all the bonding ability of a flea in heat; these girls act like it's the end of the world if this "please me now/please me not" joker doesn't want them.  Frankly, I think the jilted girl should go down on her knees and praise God that she won't be stuck with this guy for five more minutes of her life...unless, of course, he changes his rotating little mind again.The shrinks talk about serious consequences of getting to know someone and then getting excluded.  Let's say the truth:  they all want to look good, win the money, get TV/movie/recording contracts and/or turn to modeling.  Getting dumped on TV is embarrassing, but throngs are willing to do so in order to get the brass rings the easy way.If anyone thinks that these people are actually looking for or are capable of bonding with the permanent "love of their lives," by going through this orchestrated "play-acting" on a television show, well, I've got a bridge to sell any of these girls get carried away?  Probably.  Girls do that - they want to bond, nest, be told they're beautiful and loved.  Women (as opposed to girls ) know better than to think that getting a paycheck and free clothes and makeovers is the way to get that true love.
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