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The Top Reasons Women Give for Becoming Stay-at-Home Moms

1. They no longer feel close to their husbands. Many mothers who work outside of the home talk about not feeling connected or sensual with their spouse anymore because the stress of handling work and family demands overwhelms them.

2. They listen to their maternal instinct. When you have given birth and are breastfeeding, it’s difficult to imagine handing your baby over to a nanny or day care center.

3. They want to save their marriages. Working mothers often get into power struggles with their husbands over who is taking caring of the baby and the home. Yet as a gender, men see themselves as providers and protectors. The arm-wrestling simply doesn’t play well.  

4. They want more simplicity and fulfilment in their lives. Many women brought up by stay-at-home moms are influenced by their upbringing to value being a stay-at-home mom and enjoy the flexibility. Stay-at-home moms can be mothers and wives, take care of the home, have hobbies, and further their education (nowadays, there’s so much you can learn online) as opposed to rushing around stressed out in the morning and dumping their kids in day care.

5. They feel guilty. I use the word “guilt” because more often than not, women call me to discuss guilt over not bringing in money rather than the guilt of not being sweet and adorable to their husbands or hands on with their children. They realize that 5,000 other people could do their job, but only they can be their husband’s wife and kid’s mom.
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