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Tragedy in Norway
IconI was in Hawaii after the Transpac 2011 ocean race, doing my program from there, trying to recover, when I heard about what happened in Norway, where this piece-of-crap decided he was going to make a statement by starting a revolution similar to the Crusades to stop Muslim integration and destruction of Europe by Islam. So to do this, he blew up a government building and killed scores and scores of kids, which of course, makes everybody incredibly sympathetic to his cause. Now Norway is a liberal country like Holland and Denmark -- incredibly liberal.

Yesterday morning I read that Norway's maximum penalty for any crime you can commit (no matter how heinous) is 21 years in prison. So for killing between 80 and 100 people (the number keeps changing), if he's found guilty, he could spend 21 years in prison which is equivalent to a penalty of 82 days -- 82 days -- per child's death. I have nothing more to say.
Tags: Children, Parenting, Politics, Social Issues, Values
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