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Email of the Day

What Feminism Has Done to Men

I was lucky to find one of the last real men. I am so surprised how many mothers don't even consider staying home with their babies.

I am equally surprised that their husbands don't want their kids' mommies raising them; they would rather have an extra income. When I first started dating my husband he told me he would work as many jobs as it took so I could stay home with our kids. I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but I also thought if it came down to it I would work so my husband didn't have to work so hard. This is what feminism has done to our thinking. Luckily, my husband was raised knowing that the man takes care of his family. 

When my first baby was born and I quit my job, we didn't have enough money to pay the bills. We were using savings each month to get by. Before I could even bring the subject up, my husband told me he was selling his company that he built from scratch to get a job that had more potential for growth. I was shocked and scared, but I decided to trust that my husband knew what he was doing. I have since learned that I married the hardest working, most motivated man out there. He went from the lowest level employee to the Vice President of a medium sized business in 4 years. He is 100% motivated to provide the best life for his family and admits he wouldn't work so hard if he didn't have us to provide for. 

Feminism has taken this drive away from men. It taught them that they shouldn't have to work so hard. It has taught them that their wives should share in their work and it doesn't matter who does the wife's work at home. I am so lucky I unknowingly married a man who is sickened by that thought. Thank you for encouraging others to not give up on this way of life. 

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