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Susan Patton, the 'Princeton Mom' and author of 'Marry Smart'
As a graduate of one of the first classes of women at Princeton University, Susan Patton has heard many smart young women admit they aspire to marriage and motherhood, but have no model for pursuing those goals. Susan's book, Marry Smart, provides that model - for women to find the right one at the right time.
Phyllis Chesler: author, psychotherapist, and advocate to rid the U.S. of honor-based violence
Phyllis Chesler is an American who married an Afghan man and immigrated to Afghanistan. It was a nearly fatal adventure, but she survived and escaped. Now she voices her concern about why Western feminists turn a blind eye to the torture and murder of girls and women in honor-based violence in the United States.
Chris McCann, President, 1-800Flowers
1-800-Flowers puts FAMILY in its family-run business. Find out how they put Moms first during Dr. Laura's interview with Chris McCann, President of 1-800-Flowers.
Dr. Leonard Sax (MD and PhD) is a family physician, PhD psychologist, and author of Boys Adrift and Girls on the Edge.
Dr. Laura and Dr. Leonard Sax (MD and PhD) talk about American culture and the lack of teaching young men to be gentlemen. His website is:
Teresa Tomeo, Author of Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ Not Conformed to the Culture
Dr. Laura and Teresa talk about how the self-image of American women is being distorted by pop culture which encourages women--and girls--to see themselves primarily as sex objects. Here's a description of the book.
Christina Hoff Sommers, Ph.D., Author and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute
The CDC released a survey on sexual violence claiming, essentially, that 20% of women in this country are "raped". Christina Hoff Sommers reveals the ideology behind the CDC's survey. It's surprising what the organization constitutes "rape".
Jessica Cox: Embraced Her Differences and Became the First Pilot to Fly with her Feet
Jessica Cox was born into this world without arms. Instead of allowing it to place her in a life of victimhood, Jessica decided to embrace and celebrate her difference. She learned to swim, drive a car, fly an airplane, surf, scuba dive, and live independently using her feet in ways others who take their hands for granted can only imagine. Jessica also earned two black belts in tae kwon-do and a bachelor's degree from the University of Arizona. She is the first person without arms to get a black belt from the American Tae Kwon-Do Association and holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the first pilot to fly with her feet.
Urban Miyares, co-founder of Challenged America, President of Disabled Businessperson's Assoc.
Challenged America ( ) has a unique program for helping others with disabilities.
Interview with Publisher of Movieguide, The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment
Ted Baehr, publisher of, The Family Guide to Movies and Entertainment
Interview with Charisse McCoy and Shurhan Bass, co-founders of Mom-e-preneurs
Interview with Charisse McCoy and Shurhan Bass, co-founders of Mom-e-preneurs