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Apr 21, 2020 - Hour 1
Frank's wife wants to leave their marriage after attending a high school reunion and meeting an old friend. What can Frank do to identify his own flaws and save his marriage?
Apr 21, 2020 - Hour 2
Sandy's children are home from college and sleeping into the late afternoon hours. What can Sandy do to wake her kids up and participate with the family?
Apr 21, 2020 - Hour 3
Dana's mother-in-law buys gifts for her newborn child despite requests not to do so. What should Dana do the next time "Grandma" shows up with a gift?
Apr 20, 2020 - Hour 1
Young Amari wants to dye her hair and do herself up but her mom is against this. Should her mom be more lenient to this request or should Amari grow up?
Apr 20, 2020 - Hour 2
The pandemic has caused scheduling conflicts for Laura and her daughter's wedding and graduation events. What should Laura do to ensure all her family can be part of both events?
Apr 20, 2020 - Hour 3
Susan took time off from work to be with her teenage daughter and is considering returning. Should Susan proceed with going back to work or wait till her daughter turns 18?
Apr 17, 2020 - Hour 1
Noel is having second thoughts about breaking up with her boyfriend as he wouldn't express his love for her. Was breaking up with him the right decision or should she have been more patient?
Apr 17, 2020 - Hour 2
Jennifer's husband has been asked to attend a family funeral but she's worried about the risks of COVID-19 exposure. Should she demand he stay home or let him attend?
Apr 17, 2020 - Hour 3
Thad's past relationships have come to a "thud" as he focuses too much on work. How can Thad change his attitude about work to better focus on a future relationship?
Apr 16, 2020 - Hour 1
Erin's grandfather died before she could travel to see him due to the pandemic. How can Erin manage her anger she's feeling about his passing?