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Jun 26, 2020 - Hour 1
Joy's husband is retiring and wants to spend all of his time with her. Should Joy be happy with her man's desire or could she use a little "me time" too?
Jun 26, 2020 - Hour 2
Lori took off 80 pounds but constantly hears friends saying she'll just gain it back. What should Lori say the next time somebody talks about her weight?
Jun 26, 2020 - Hour 3
Jenine has been raising her granddaughter for the past 3 years but now her daughter wants back in her life. Should Jenine open this door for the sake or her granddaughter or shut it?
Jun 25, 2020 - Hour 1
Steve would like for his mom to be more involved in his daughter's life. Should Steve continue to pursue this dream or let it go?
Jun 25, 2020 - Hour 2
Andie is engaged to a man with adult kids that are bums. Should Andie hope that things change or end the relationship?
Jun 25, 2020 - Hour 3
Nicole's elderly friend is showing signs of confusion when they converse. What should Nicole do at this point for the sake of her friend's well-being?
Jun 24, 2020 - Hour 1
19-year-old Michael feels his co-workers don't respect him because of his age. What can Michael due to gain the respect of his colleagues and feel good about his job?
Jun 24, 2020 - Hour 2
Brian blames his being overweight on his troubled childhood. Is Brian correct in his thinking or is there more to his issue?
Jun 24, 2020 - Hour 3
Lisa's husband is having an affair with his co-worker. Should Lisa attempt to salvage the marriage or call an attorney?
Jun 23, 2020 - Hour 1
Staci is concerned about her father's wishes to travel under the pandemic. Should Staci feel safe to join him or should she stay home?