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Apr 27, 2021 - Hour 1
Barbara's uncertain of her boyfriend's caliber.
Apr 27, 2021 - Hour 2
Lynn questions living in sin by shacking up.
Apr 27, 2021 - Hour 3
Phil's wife refuses to be sexual with him.
Apr 26, 2021 - Hour 1
Steven is uncertain how to love again after his wife's death.
Apr 26, 2021 - Hour 2
Jerry's wife refuses to take responsibility in their marriage.
Apr 26, 2021 - Hour 3
Trisha is being called selfish for wanting to be one and done.
Apr 23, 2021 - Hour 1
While she was pregnant, Laura's husband had an affair.
Apr 23, 2021 - Hour 2
Debbie's daughter lost her parenting card.
Apr 23, 2021 - Hour 3
Janet seeks clarity on the topic of guilt.
Apr 22, 2021 - Hour 1
Donna's brother is insisting she take care of their father.