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May 9, 2022 - Hour 1
Best Of / Layla already feels overwhelmed by her paralegal course after one class.
May 9, 2022 - Hour 2
Best Of / Michael worries he's too optimistic.
May 9, 2022 - Hour 3
Best Of / Kelly's friend resents her for having an easier life.
May 6, 2022 - Hour 1
Best Of / Michelle's teen daughter has been suffering from worse anxiety since they moved.
May 6, 2022 - Hour 2
Best Of / Sue has been fired from her last two jobs for not being a team player.
May 6, 2022 - Hour 3
Best Of / Best Of / Heather has allowed her sister to divide her marriage.
May 5, 2022 - Hour 1
Best Of / Steve and his siblings disagree on whether or not to have their mother live alone.
May 5, 2022 - Hour 2
Best Of / Colleen wonders if she should talk to the woman who had an affair with her husband.
May 5, 2022 - Hour 3
Best Of / Melanie and James disagree on the division of responsibilities at home and in their business.
May 4, 2022 - Hour 1
Best Of / Lisa's been making the effort to stop being a know-it-all.