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May 22, 2023 - Hour 1
Elisa feels that her husband has given up on parenting.
May 22, 2023 - Hour 2
Gina's father wants her to give up her dream of being a musician.
May 22, 2023 - Hour 3
As a mother, Ann can't stand being put between her husband and son as they fight.
May 19, 2023 - Hour 1
Best Of / For her whole life, Laura says she's struggled to distinguish between fear and rationality.
May 19, 2023 - Hour 2
Best Of / Courtney knows her and her husband could improve their communication when they fight.
May 19, 2023 - Hour 3
Best Of / Josh and Nadine admit they don't know how to talk effectively while arguing, especially about their respective adult children's parenting.
May 18, 2023 - Hour 1
Mary wonders whether she should as her daughter's ex to help contribute to the cancelled wedding fees.
May 18, 2023 - Hour 2
Melissa struggles to deal with her confrontational step-daughter.
May 18, 2023 - Hour 3
A secret adoption has now caused a dilemma in Kim's family.
May 17, 2023 - Hour 1
Katherine can't help but feel like she failed on Mother's Day.