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Jan 29, 2024 - Hour 1
Mike's 17-year-old daughter refuses to go to therapy, despite her debilitating anxiety.
Jan 29, 2024 - Hour 2
Dr. Christine Pieton joins Dr. Laura to discuss the importance of pelvic health and its effects on the body.
Jan 29, 2024 - Hour 3
Dr. Laura and Dr. Pieton continue answering questions from callers about pelvic health.
Jan 26, 2024 - Hour 1
Best Of / At 24, Annie wants to experience all there is to love without the pressure of shacking up.
Jan 26, 2024 - Hour 2
Best Of / Jessica wants to know when it's worth staying in a relationship and working on it versus breaking up.
Jan 26, 2024 - Hour 3
Best Of / Jeff's seeking guidance on how to handle his rebellious preteen daughter.
Jan 25, 2024 - Hour 1
Hannah wonders if a relationship with her father is salvageable after he declined to attend her second wedding.
Jan 25, 2024 - Hour 2
Mark feels bad that his grandson's biological father hasn't met his own child, despite past chances.
Jan 25, 2024 - Hour 3
Christina's used to her husband's short-temper and grumpiness, but she's surprised her children can't stand him.
Jan 24, 2024 - Hour 1
Elizabeth has told the family she's pregnant, but her sister-in-law is the only one not celebrating.